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Testing 123 Link


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CLICK HERE to review the Certified Technician Program requirements.

Tickets will open at least 3 weeks prior to the exam date and close the week of the exam on Monday. Those registering to take the exam electronically will need to indicate this when purchasing their ticket. These registrants will be required to register on the INDOT Training Portal no later than the Wednesday before the exam date.

On the day of testing, participants will be provided a CTP Manual, a pencil if necessary, and have access to a Specifications Manual and standard testing calculator upon request. Participants may opt to use their own physical, single-use non-programmable scientific calculator upon approval from the administrating proctor.

Phones are not permitted and will need to be turned off and put away for the duration of the exam, with emergent exceptions to be addressed with the administrating proctor prior to the exam. 

All 6 CTP exams will be offered on this date in either paper or electronic format. During registration you will be asked to select which exam you are taking and in which format.

Two exam sessions are available on this date. The AM session begins at 8:30, sharp, and ends at 11:30. The PM session begins at Noon, sharp, and ends at 3:00. THIS SCHEDULE DIFFERS FROM PREVIOUS YEARS! Please arrive on-time for your scheduled session, and be aware of the adjusted PM schedule - no exceptions will be made.

If you are taking an electronic exam and have not previously done so, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to set up your device and ensure a smooth testing experience. Backup paper exams will not be available for electronic exam registrants. Participants are required to be registered through the INDOT Training Portal. For registration assistance, please contact [email protected].

If you have additional questions, please contact Construction Management Support

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