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CLICK HERE to review the Certified Technician Program requirements.

Ticket sales open at least 3 weeks prior to the exam date and close the week prior to the exam on Monday. All 6 CTP exams are offered at each exam session in Electronic format.

  • Electronic Manual w/ Electronic Exam ticket - a PDF CTP manual is provided to the registrant for use during the exam. The registrant's self-provided electronic device will be used to enter the Exam, and results are available immediately upon completion.
    • The registrant must have an account on the Training Portal prior to their session. Ticket cannot be transferred to another ticket type.

Registrants taking the exam are required to have an account on the INDOT Training Portal or SuccessFactors no later than the Monday prior to the exam date. This account ID is requested at the time of registration. Please have the registrant's account ID on-hand at registration, or mark 'Pending' when asked.

Two sessions are available on each exam date. Please arrive prior to the test session start time to allow for set-up, sign-in, etc. The session times are as follows:

  • The AM session begins at 8:30 sharp and ends at 11:15.
  • The PM session begins at 11:45 sharp and ends at 2:30.

Registrants will be provided everything needed to take the exam upon arrival at the testing location: a CTP Manual per their registration, a standard testing calculator, and a pencil and scratch paper. Participants may opt to use their own physical, single-use non-programmable scientific calculator upon approval from the administrating proctor. Access to an INDOT Standard Specifications Manual is available upon request. 

Phones must be turned off and put away for the duration of the exam. Exceptions may be addressed with the administrating proctor prior to the exam period, for emergency situations.

If you have not previously taken an Electronic exam, please arrive at least 20 minutes early to set up your device and ensure a smooth testing experience. Backup paper exams will not be provided. Participants are required to be registered through the INDOT Training Portal. If you have a PeopleSoft ID that starts with a 10000 number, you do not need to register or create an account throught the Training Portal. If you do not have a PeopleSoft ID, please create a NEW User Account in the Training Portal using the step by step instructions below. 

Creating a User Account:
1. Go to the INDOT Training Portal
2. Select Click here to register
3. Fill out Account, Contact, and Employee Information

  • Users are advised not to use their email address as their User ID. User IDs are permanent, so we want to ensure users do not create multiple accounts as their email address changes.
  • User IDs are case sensitive

4. Select Submit
5. User accounts are reviewed before access is given. You will receive an automated email when you are able to access your account.
6. Accounts created on the weekend or holidays will not be approved until the next business day. If your account has not been approved in 24 hours, please contact [email protected] .

If you have additional questions, please contact Construction Management Support

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