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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) awarded nearly $3 million to 51 public and nonprofit organizations through the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program. “STOP” stands for services, training, officers and prosecutors.

The program is designed to support communities in their efforts to develop and strengthen law enforcement and prosecution strategies to combat violence against women, as well as enhance victim services and safety.

“This funding is about making sure that more communities have access to the resources they need to prevent victimization and bring violent offenders to justice,” said Devon McDonald, ICJI Executive Director. “It’s important that we do everything we can to help break the cycle of violence and shore up support for victims.”

Established by the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program promotes a coordinated effort to improve the criminal justice system's response to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. The funds are provided by the Office on Violence Against Women under the U.S. Department of Justice.

This year, the grants will be used to provide legal advocacy, counseling, training for law enforcement and court personnel, and victim support services. Funding will also help pay for special prosecutors and investigators who are dedicated to handling cases involving crimes against women.

“For most victims, obtaining a protective order or pursuing legal action is uncharted territory, but we don’t want that to be a barrier to seeking safety or justice,” said Kim Lambert, ICJI Victim Services Director. “There are resources and advocates who can help that will stand with and alongside victims throughout the process. This funding expands those efforts.”

The grants were approved by the ICJI Board of Trustees in September and made available to organizations starting this month. As a formula grant, funding was distributed based on a predetermined amount, with a majority (96%) going to law enforcement, prosecution and victim service programs. The remaining 4% was allocated for court programs.

For a list of the STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program award recipients, click here or visit: on.in.gov/STOPgrant.


About the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) is the state planning agency for criminal justice, juvenile justice, traffic safety and victim services. ICJI is designated as the state administering agency for distribution of federal funds and as the state Statistical Analysis Center for research. ICJI is responsible for coordinating and collaborating with local, state and federal entities to identify, assess, plan, resource and evaluate new and emerging issues facing the criminal justice and public safety spectrum. Visit www.cji.in.gov to learn more about the agency.

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