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This Traveling Oral Argument will not be webcast live because it will not take place in the Court of Appeals Courtroom. Video of the event will become available within about one week after the hearing. See Oral Arguments Online for video.


Agreliant Genetics, LLC contracted with several Indiana farmers to grow seed corn.  In prior years, the seed company’s agent asked the farmers to set aside a certain amount of land for the seed corn, and their agreements would later be reduced to a written contract.  In the year in question, Agreliant’s agent spoke with the farmers about setting aside land, but the company later decided not to grow seed corn in Indiana that year.  The farmers, however, had already taken certain actions, or failed to take certain actions, based on the statements of Agreliant’s agent. Plaintiff Gary Hamstra Farms, Inc., and other farmers, sued Agreliant seeking recovery under a theory of promissory estoppel.   

The trial court found in favor of the Plaintiffs, and Agreliant appeals. 

The main issue in this case is whether the actions of Agreliant’s agent were sufficient to establish promissory estoppel as a theory of recovery.  The parties seemingly agree that there was no enforceable contract.  

Agreliant also claims that, even if the Plaintiffs could recover under a theory of promissory estoppel, the trial court improperly awarded expectancy damages instead of reliance damages.

The scheduled panelists are Judge Crone, Judge Tavitas, and Judge Weissmann.

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