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25601 State Road 4, North Liberty, IN 46554

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Activities from 1-4pm

-Trained Falconer Show

-Create a clay pot, coal burnt spoons, or dip a candle

- Be an archaeologist and discover your own arrowhead replicas in our field dig

-See Native American projectile points, animal furs, and trapper artifacts

-Enjoy some Staghorn Sumac Tea and Potato Stew made from wild edibles that were harvested by the Potawatomi Native Americans

-Try the challenge of throwing an atlatl and learn the challenges of prehistoric hunting

- Come learn about the settlers that called the area of Potato Creek State Park their home

-See displays on: bee keeping, maple syrup making, historical farm equipment, field tiles, and spring house artifacts

-Enjoy Peppermint Tea that was once grown at Potato Creek

-Discover historical information on Porter Rea Cemetery

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