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Attorney General Todd Rokita is heating up by raising awareness for consumers of harmful household products recalled in June

Attorney General Todd Rokita is alerting Hoosiers of important consumer protection concerns for products recalled in June. The office encourages consumers to take advantage of opportunities available for those who purchase recalled items that could be harmful to their families.    

“Summer is a time to relax and for your kids to have fun playing outdoors. This month’s list has several items you might find in your own backyard,” Attorney General Rokita said. “You shouldn’t have to worry if your children’s toys are defective or could cause them any harm. If you purchased one of the recalled products, stop using it immediately and pursue resolution from the manufacturer immediately.” 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the following consumer products were recalled in June:  

If you believe you recently purchased a recalled product, stop using it, and check its recall notice (linked above for all products). Then follow the notice’s instructions, including where to return the product, how to get the product fixed, how to dispose of the product, how to receive a refund for the product, or what steps must be taken to receive a replacement product.   

To view recalls issued prior to June visit the Consumer Protection Safety Commission website.    

A headshot of Attorney General Rokita is available for download.    


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