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Attorney General Todd Rokita has finalized a $2 million settlement with ImmediaDent of Indiana P.C., a chain of dental clinics that closed in March of 2020.

The entirety of the settlement will be paid in refunds to more than 22,000 Hoosiers who, according to the state’s allegations, paid for treatments they never received.

“A business can’t take people’s payments for anticipated services and then just close their doors,” Attorney General Rokita said. “They’ve got to either provide the promised services or return the customers’ money, and we will do everything possible to hold businesses accountable every single time this happens.”

Affected consumers will receive notice in the mail of their eligibility for a refund. The notice will include a claim form to return to the settlement administrator, who will then process the refund checks.

Refunds not claimed within the allotted time from the settlement administrator will be remitted to the Attorney General’s Unclaimed Property Division. After that, refunds will still be available through the usual unclaimed property claims procedure.

Attorney General Rokita’s Consumer Protection Division investigated this matter after receiving complaints from former patients. ImmediaDent worked cooperatively with the Consumer Protection Division to identify affected consumers and create a plan to provide refunds.

Linked here is the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance in this case.

A headshot of Attorney General Rokita is available for download.


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