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Attorney General Todd Rokita and team win court victory affirming that juveniles accused of murder may be tried as adults 

Montez Ellington, who allegedly fired gunshots that killed teenaged girl, will be tried in adult criminal court

Attorney General Todd Rokita and his team prevailed this week in an Indiana Court of Appeals case over whether juveniles accused of serious crimes may be tried as adults — successfully arguing that violent offenders must be held accountable.

“In Indiana, we don’t believe in coddling criminal defendants,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Our office handles more than 1,000 criminal appeals cases each year, and we will continue working tirelessly to keep dangerous offenders off the streets. Hoosiers deserve to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods.”

The case decided by the Court of Appeals this week involved defendant Montez Ellington, now 17, who allegedly fired gunshots into a car at a gas station in 2021 — killing 15-year-old Chloe Carroll.

Attorney General Rokita thanked his team for their excellent work on behalf of Hoosiers — specifically naming Deputy Attorney General Ellen Meilaender and her supervisor, Angela Sanchez, who oversees the Criminal Appeals Division.

“Adult criminal courts have jurisdiction to adjudicate criminal charges filed against juveniles who have been waived out of the juvenile court system,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Thanks in part to our team’s strong efforts, the Indiana Court of Appeals has affirmed this important principle.”

The court’s decision is attached.

A headshot of Attorney General Rokita is available online.



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