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Attorney General Todd Rokita is seeking answers from several medical facilities in Indiana about possible sterilization procedures performed on vulnerable children in order to “transition” them to a gender other than their biological sex.

Doctors, clinics and hospitals are increasingly prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even surgeries to children without disclosing the known risks.

“Our kids are precious gifts from God,” Attorney General Rokita said. “We should all be concerned about the physical and chemical procedures being performed upon these minors, which in most cases are irreversible.”

In a letter, Attorney General Rokita asked medical-facility administrators to provide answers to a series of questions.

Although some children may express a desire to adopt a different gender, they are not mature enough to address such an impulse by making such life-changing decisions that will forever alter their bodies.

“We all love our children and want nothing more than to keep them healthy and safe,” Attorney General Rokita said. “But every parent knows that our kids’ brains are not fully developed until adulthood, and they can change their moods and their minds daily.”

To permit minors to undergo gender transition surgeries, Attorney General Rokita added, could legitimately be considered child abuse.

“The state has a very compelling interest in protecting these young Hoosiers and their parents,” Attorney General Rokita said. “And that’s why we’re collecting this data.”

Attorney General Rokita’s letter to medical facilities is attached.

A headshot of Attorney General Rokita is available online.


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