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"First things first: I deny and was not found to have violated anyone’s confidentiality or any laws. I was not fined. And I will continue as Indiana’s duly-elected attorney general.

Despite the failed attempt to derail our work which could have disenfranchised nearly 2 million voters, the largest amount in Indiana history for any state office candidate — it all boiled down to a truthful 16-word answer I gave over a year ago during an international media storm caused by an abortionist who put her interests above her patient’s.  I received public reprimand for saying that “…we have this abortion activist acting as a doctor— with a history of failing to report.”  

The mediamedical establishment and cancel cultureall on cue, supportedand then attempted to vindicate—the abortionist who intentionally exposed personal health information at a political rallall in furtherance of their shared ideological and business interests. 

These liberal activists would like to cancel your vote because they hate the fact I stand up for liberty. In the healthcare space alone, I stopped the vaccine mandatepublicly contested severely flawed Covid data, significantly curtailed Indiana’s abortion business and fined hospitals and healthcare providers for not putting patients’ privacy first. 

Having evidence and explanation for everything I said, I could have fought over those 16 words, but ending their campaign now will save a lot of taxpayer money and distraction, which is  also very important to me. In order to resolve this, I was required to sign an affidavit without any modifications. 

Now, I will focus even more resources on successfully defending Indiana’s laws, including our pro-life laws, and fighting the mob that silences parents, employees, conservative students, law enforcement, Believerof all faiths, American patriots and free enterprise itself. 

As I said at the time, my words are factual. The IU Health physician who caused the international media spectacle at the expense of her patient’s privacy is by her own actions an outspoken abortion activist.

Many know that she openly discussed with a reporter, and caused to be identified, a 10-year-old rape victim at a political rally. She also used this opportunity to wedge herself into various media outlets, including MSNBC and CBS News. In the end, she had the attention of the entire country, including the pro-abortion President and Vice President.

Less wellknown is that for years she has appeared as the keynote speaker at pro-abortion rallies and has roamed the hallways of the legislature in white lab coat attempting to influence lawmakers. Thenin 2019, the doctor unsuccessfully brought litigation against the people of Indiana to legalize a brutal abortion procedure where the living child is extracted piece by piece. She also poses and is interviewed regularly in media outlets anher full-time patient practice focuses exclusively on performing abortions.

Bernard also claims a tattoo —an image of a coat hanger— that she displays and openly discusses with the national media. Whether you think this behavior is good or bad, I challenge any objective Hoosier to conclude that she isn’t an “abortion activist," as I stated.

Also, according to media accounts and complainant press releasesit was in fact publicly alleged well before my tv interview that the abortionist had failed to properly report her work to the state’s department of health

Privacy must exist between doctor and patient in order for trust to exist so that healthcare can advanceSo, we work hard to protect personal health information—like a little girl’s identity and medical trauma—from publication by their caregivers. This is why Bernard’s own peers fined her the maximum allowed by law

By the way, the Office of Attorney General has nearly two dozen patient privacy cases pending at any time, debunking any claims of a vendetta against Bernard.

Had the cancel culture establishment been successful disenfranchising us, thealso would have stifled other elected officials from keeping voters, citizens, and taxpayers informedespecially when uncomfortable facts fall outside a preferred narrative. 

I thank Hoosiers for their continued support as we fight for our values."


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