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3333 State Road 60 East, Mitchell, IN 47446

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Spend the day in the Mitchell karst plain exploring caves and the history and ideas tied to them! Unless otherwise noted, programs are at the Lakeview Activity Center. 

9am:  Hidden Cave Hike – Join Tony for a 1-hour hike on Trail 5 that will meander off trail to Rubble Springs Cave.  Rugged.  Meet at Lakeview Activity Center.

10am: The Life of a Salamander -Learn about the lifecycle of a salamander and what adaptations make them so special with Naturalist Sydney.  Meet at the Lakeview Activity Center for this 25 min program.

1pm:  Cave Bats of IndianaJoin DNR bat survey coordinator, David Wiles, for a 30-minute talk about our amazing cave dwelling bats in Indiana!  Lakeview Activity Center

1pm:  Endless Cave TripMust reserve spot in advance for this 2-hour, off-site adventure into Endless Cave. $20 per person. Limited space. 14 years and older. For information contact Sheree at [email protected] or 812-849-3534. FULL  

3pm: Shawnee Cave System HikeJoin Veronica on a hike around most of the Shawnee Cave System to learn about our caves and how they are all connected. Meet at Twin Caves parking lot. Moderately rugged. 1.5 hours.



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