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Friday, June 9th:

· 6pm:  CCC History Hike—Join Anthony on a 20 minute stroll through the Pioneer Village to hear about some of the impact the CCC had on our village restoration.  Meet at the    Weaver’s Cabin.

· 6:30pm:  Catered Dinner in the Grist Mill.  Speaker and slide show of CCC photos.  MUST preregister.  Limited seating.  $25 a seat.  Contact Sheree at 812-849-3534 or [email protected]


Saturday, June 10th:

· 10am:  A Walk With Wilbur—Join the granddaughter of one of Spring Mill’s CCC guys,  Carol, for a stroll in the village to discover more about the daily life of one of our very own CCC guys.  Meet at the lamp post near Pioneer Village parking lot. 

· 1pm:  Camp Life—Join us at Donaldson Cave parking lot to take a short stroll in the lawn where company 539 and 1536 once stood.  We will unveil our new CCC interpretive sign and have a short dedication to the amazing work of these young men which includes part of their morning routine, the Pledge of Allegiance.

· 2pm-4pm:  CCC Rollcall Experience in Pioneer Village—Find out what our CCC boys are up to with live reenactors telling their story.   Start near Ordinary (Concessions). 

· 7pm:  CCC Kayak Trip—Register in advance to join our kayak trip on Spring Mill Lake to hear the work our guys did in and around it!  Bring your own kayak or canoe OR rent one of the few we have.   Contact Sheree at 812-849-3534 or [email protected].


Sunday, June 11th: 

· 10am:  CCC History Hike—Meet Anthony by Sycamore Shelter for a hike to see the many contributions the Civilian Conservation Corps has made to Spring Mill State Park.  Rugged.  1 mile.  1 hour. 

· 1pm:  CCC Recap and Salute to our guys.  Meet at Donaldson Cave parking lot.  If raining, please meet at the Red Cross Cabin. 

· 2pm-4pm:  Slideshow presentation of CCC photos at Red Cross Cabin


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