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May 1, 2024

Comptroller Nieshalla Supports Israeli Investment

STATEHOUSE – Indiana State Comptroller Elise Nieshalla supports Indiana’s additional $5 million investment in Israeli Bonds, as announced today by State Treasurer Daniel Elliott.

“What a privilege to represent a state that is offering further investment to Israel that aligns with our fiduciary duty to deliver solid yield, low risk and high liquidity with state dollars,” commented Comptroller Nieshalla. “As an American, seeing what is happening to Israel and the Jewish people is devastating and there is a strong sense of duty to stand with our friends. As a Hoosier, I value the opportunity for our state to partner with a country that has offered us decades of innovation and security support.”

Comptroller Nieshalla manages the distribution of tax dollars to units of government and it is vitally important that state dollars are invested with integrity.

Indiana currently holds $105 million dollars in Israeli Bonds – today’s announcement increases the State’s investment to $110 million. The three-year investment at a fixed rate of 5.5% will yield at 65 basis points higher than US Treasury notes.


Elise M. Nieshalla is the Indiana State Comptroller, fulfilling the duties of the Constitutional Office of State Auditor. Comptroller Nieshalla is committed to serving our state and local governments by upholding the highest standards of fiscal responsibility in the provision of accurate accounting and reporting of state funds, disbursement of tax revenues to local units of government, payment of Indiana’s employees and vendors, administration of the state’s deferred compensation plan and delivering financial information through the Indiana Transparency Portal.

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Media Contact: Emily Boesen
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