Testing 123 Link


Testing 123 Link


Indiana State Library, 211 - History Reference Room View map Free Event

315 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Join the Central Indiana DNA Interest Group for a DNA workshop geared toward helping researchers put the pieces together after taking a DNA test.  These sessions will use case studies and various types of DNA testing to demonstrate how genetic genealogy can answer those tough family research questions.

This event is free and open to the public, but registration is required.  Indiana librarians will receive 3 LEUs.


Putting it Together
You’ve got matches AND you’ve got questions. Join Angela Guntz for a quick review of Ancestry DNA’s Ethnicity Estimates, DNA Matches and ThruLines. Then, using these tools, we will walk through a couple of case studies to learn how to solve some common DNA problems.

Why the Y?
Surprise! Y-DNA testing isn't just for your direct paternal line. This session will walk through examples of different Y-DNA tests and tools and results that you can use to develop new genealogy leads. See how Y-DNA results can also support - or maybe disprove! - that name and place you want to add to your family tree! Presented by Ann Raymont. 

Leveraging DNA Matches Lead to Identification of Unknown Great, Great-Grandmother
An exhaustive, dead-end paper trail did not reveal clues for an unknown great, great-grandmother. However, DNA matches lead to the location of ancestral village, parents and records to solve a 150 year old family mystery. Learn how to extract information from DNA matches to solve genealogical problems with Andrea Ackermann.

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