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STATEHOUSE – Hoosiers from around the state gathered at the Statehouse today to join Elise Nieshalla as she was sworn in as Indiana’s next State Comptroller.

Governor Eric J. Holcomb provided opening remarks followed by Honorable Geoffrey Slaughter who administered the oath of office. 

“Having the privilege of serving several years on fiscal side of local government, I’m eager to continue building upon those relationships with our state leaders in pursuit of continued efficient and effective delivery of services with a big Hoosier heart,” said Comptroller Nieshalla today.

Prior to her appointment on November 28, Comptroller Nieshalla was serving as President of the Boone County Council, President of the Indiana County Councils Association and Chairwoman of the Association of Indiana Counties 2023 Legislative Committee.

As a hard-working entrepreneur and economic development professional, Comptroller Nieshalla has also worked 22 years in real estate overseeing property acquisitions and business management for a variety of investments. From managing and appropriating millions within her local county budget to reviewing revenue projections and planning for future needs, Comptroller Nieshalla has a proven portfolio herself showing her commitment to the highest standards of fiscal stewardship of hard-earned tax dollars.

“Today, I took the oath of office and placed my hand on the book that is the rock-solid foundation of my life,” said Comptroller Nieshalla, who was accompanied by many family members during today’s ceremony. “It is truly only by God’s amazing grace that I have this honor to serve you.

“With great gratitude to the Almighty for the justice, public order and liberty perpetuated by our state government, as established by our Constitution, I take my oath to serve faithfully.”

Comptroller Nieshalla has four primary responsibilities, including accounting for all state funds, overseeing and disbursing county, city, town and school tax distributions, paying the state’s bills and over 30,000 state employees, and administering Indiana’s Deferred Compensation Plan (known as Hoosier START).

For more information about Comptroller Nieshalla and her office, visit www.in.gov/comptroller.


Elise Nieshalla is the 58th Indiana State Comptroller to serve as the state’s Chief Financial Officer. She was appointed by Gov. Eric Holcomb on November 28, 2023.

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