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Falls of the Ohio State Park has opened a new outdoor classroom, which is located off the park’s Woodland Loop Trail.

The classroom was designed to create a dedicated space for learning in a natural environment that connects visitors, school groups, and others to the Falls of the Ohio’s unique landscape and historical significance. It is covered by the forest’s tree canopy and includes large driftwood logs for seating as well as a limestone boulder arrangement for exploration and fossil identification.

Lessons that will be taught in the classroom include the mammoth and bison that crossed the falls on their migrations, the Indigenous people who settled here, the landscape’s connection to the Underground Railroad, and the start of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The outdoor classroom was made possible through the generosity of the Duke Energy Foundation and Mark Wood, Irving Materials, Inc.; and with support from the Falls of the Ohio Foundation, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the state park.

“We’re thankful for the supporters and partners who made this project possible,” said Kenton Wooden, executive director of the Falls of the Ohio Foundation. “There is no other place in the world like the Falls of the Ohio. This new outdoor classroom will help connect the Falls’ rich history and the stories of our past to the thousands of visitors that come here to learn and experience this special landscape.”

“The future of our state parks lies in the experiences visitors have at our sites today,” said Terry Coleman, director of Indiana State Parks. “It is our honor to introduce students, families, and all guests to the history, science and stories that connect us to the land. And we are thankful for partners like the Falls of the Ohio Foundation and Duke Energy who help us bring those experiences to life.”

Visit on.IN.gov/fallsoftheohio to learn about upcoming events and programs at the state park.

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