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The INARNG First Sergeant Selection Board is accepting applications for the following position:

Location: Indianapolis, IN
MOS: 00F5


Preferred Qualities/Qualifications (if applicable): NONE
Special Considerations (if applicable): NONE



Who may apply:

Any E7/E8 on the current INARNG State First Sergeant Nominee Roster

Any previous First Sergeant currently serving in the INARNG

Any current First Sergeant serving in the INARNG

Any E7/E8 who will be submitting a First Sergeant Nomination Packet to be considered at the March First Sergeant Selection Boards. *See the Fy22 Indiana Army National Guard First Sergeant Selection Board and Assignment Program MOI for nominee and packet requirements (FYI MOI pending publication).


Position Requirements:

If E7. must hold or be eligible to be awarded specified MOS. *Promotion cannot take place until MOS qualified and either temporary promotion counseling completed IAW PPOM #21-061 or graduated from MLC.

If E8, must hold or be eligible to be awarded specified MOS within 12 months of assignment. Current E8s can be lateraled to the rank of 1SG without MOS qualification, but may be expected to complete required schooling.


Application Requirements:

For those that wish to apply, submit the following information via email to MSG Rolland Frazier (see all users or SharePoint for complete contact information).

Full Name


Position for which applying

Phone Number

*Ensure your Soldier Record Brief is accurate and up-to-date

*(Optional) 1-page letter to the board summarizing your relevant experience for this leadership position and explain to the board why you are the best candidate.



Applications must be received by 24 March 2023.

For further inquiries about the First Sergeant Nomination and Assignment Selection process, contact your chain of command or the POC of this announcement.

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