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1387 U.S. 50 East, Versailles, IN 47042

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Visit Versailles State Park for the 11th Annual Hassmer Fest-

A Mountain Bike Festival!

September 27th-29th

The fest will include Mountain biking , camping, kids events, beverage vendor, organized rides, a live band, a skills clinic, and more.

The mountain bike trail system within Versailles State Park covers approximately 30 miles.  Most of the trails are flowing single track, built primarily by volunteers over the past 17 years.

Registration in person at the VSP office

Contact Jeff Binzin, www.bikesimba.org or VSP at 812-689-6424

We will have more details as the event activities are planned. The Hassmer Fest Crew looks forward to having a fun and memorable event this year.

We will make every effort to make a safe environment for you and your family.
Visit our Facebook Page or https://www.bikesimba.org/hassmer-fest for updates.

See you at Hassmer Fest 2024!

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