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3333 State Road 60 East, Mitchell, IN 47446

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Village Tours, demonstrations, pioneer activities and more!  It will be a fun, history related event!

August 5th:

9am-4:30pm:  Stop by the toy table and see what pioneer children played with (lower residence)

Play Stilts, ring toss, and Graces (Mill Lawn)

10am:  Pick up paper doll kits. Find out about other dolls pioneer  children played with  (Lower Residence)

11:30am:  Pick up a kit to take home to make a small cornhusk doll.

1:30pm:  Play the Game of Graces  with staff. This is game has been played since the 1500’s a fun game played with hoops and sticks (Lawn beside the distillery)

3pm: Make a leather craft at the leather shop

3:30pm: See how to make a cord bracelet. Pick up a kit to take home and make one (Lower Residence)

4pm: Pick up coloring book (Grist Mill )

4:30pm:  Mercantile and Mill Close

5pm:  village closed.


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