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April 27, 2023

Anyone can show how unplanned situations can occur after the last few years. Occasionally, taxpayers or their authorized agents are unable to complete their personal property returns by the due date. Should an individual find themselves in this scenario, they should contact their county assessor in writing to request an extension prior to May 15, 2023. The request should include the amount of time requested for the extension, up to 30 days, as well as the reason for the extension.

The decision to grant an extension, and if an extension is granted, the amount of time for the extension, is to be made by the assessing official on a case-by-case basis. The Department strongly encourages the assessing officials to be cognizant of the time pressures facing taxpayers, particularly CPAs and tax preparers, dealing with the extended income tax filing deadline.  Conversely, the Department strongly encourages taxpayers, and CPA’s and tax preparers to recognize the difficult position the assessing officials face with a July 1, 2023, statutory deadline (Indiana Code 6-1.1-3-17 (b)) to certify the assessed values for personal property to the County Auditor, and to work in good faith to request only the necessary deadline extensions with a justifiable explanation for the request.

Please note, that per Indiana Code 6-1.1-3-7.5 (a)(1) and (2), a taxpayer may file an amended personal property return twelve (12) months from the original filing date, or if an extension is granted, from the extension date.

Finally, taxpayers and their authorized agents now have the option to file their personal property Forms 102, 103-Short, 103-Long, 103-N, 103-O, 104, and 106 online in the new PPOP-IN. Taxpayers also can upload additional personal property forms and any necessary supporting documentation. Please see https://ppopin.in.gov for more information.

What is PPOP-IN?

PPOP-IN is a 24/7, self-service online portal that allows taxpayers and authorized agents to file Forms 102, 103-Short, 103-Long, 103-N, 103-O, 104, and 106 online. Taxpayers also have the ability to upload additional personal property forms and any necessary supporting documentation.

In 2022, a new communication tool was added for users and assessing officials to have the ability to communicate directly within PPOP-IN. All users that have previously submitted a personal property filing in a prior year, can now roll their past filing to use as a template for their 2023 filing. This feature will save taxpayers and agents time on their submission.

What is new in 2023?

This past year a new development to connect PPOP-IN with existing personal property filing software applications was rolled out successfully. If you are unsure if your application has this new feature available, please contact your software vendor.

I need help, who can I call?

Taxpayers may hire a tax professional such as a CPA to assist them with their filing. You may also contact your township or county assessor with questions. Their contact information can be found here.

PPOP-IN Status Updates

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance will be sending out regular communications to various stakeholders over the next several months. We want you to stay informed of all the changes. All taxpayers and authorized agents may register for email updates by visiting the Department’s website

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