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“John Hope School No. 26” State Historical Marker To Be Dedicated in Indianapolis

On Monday, May 16, 2022 a new Indiana state historical marker commemorating John Hope School No. 26 will be unveiled at The Oaks Academy in Indianapolis. The dedication is part of an evening of programing dedicated to the legacy and contributions of the school and its close relationship with the community. Following the premiere of the documentary The Glories of Our Journey: A Community Story, the new historical marker commemorating John Hope School No. 26 and the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, which was located inside, will be unveiled and dedicated. The event is a private one reserved for School No. 26 alumni and guests. However, media are welcome.

The text follows for the state marker entitled “John Hope School No. 26”:

Amid Jim Crow segregation, School No. 26 was established in 1901, providing Black children with academic and vocational education. In addition to offering grades K through 9, the school served as a community center. Prioritizing inclusivity, School 26 welcomed youth with disabilities, migrants from Southern states, and adults deprived of educational opportunities. In 1922, the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library opened in School No. 26 (renamed John Hope School). Directed by pioneering Black librarian Lillian C. Hall, the library served as a neighborhood hub for Black literature, culture, and history. Despite laws passed in the 1940s, desegregation of city schools like John Hope did not begin until the 1970s with mandatory busing.

State historical markers commemorate significant individuals, organizations, places, and events in Indiana history. These markers help communities throughout the state promote, preserve, and present their history for the education and enjoyment of residents and tourists of all ages. For over 100 years the Indiana Historical Bureau, a division of the Indiana State Library, has been marking Indiana history. Since 1946, the marker format has been the large roadside marker, which has the familiar dark blue background with gold lettering and the outline of the state of Indiana at the top. Over 700 of these markers have been installed over the years.

For more information about the Indiana Historical Marker Program, including details on this marker, a listing of other markers in the state, or other resources about Indiana, visit the Indiana Historical Bureau’s website at http://www.IN.gov/history or call (317) 232-2535. For more information on the dedication and premiere of the documentary, please contact Nathan Hand, Director of Advancement at The Oaks Academy at [email protected]. Following the premiere of the documentary on May 16th, The Oaks Academy, in partnership with Indiana Humanities, will host a public screening at the Kan-Kan Cinema on May 18th. Details on that showing can be found at https://www.goelevent.com/Kan-KanCinemaandBrasserie/e/THE-GLORIES-OF-OUR-JOURNEY-ACOMMUNITY-STORY.

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