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Testing 123 Link


Indiana State Library 315 West Ohio Street Indianapolis, IN 46202

https://isl.libcal.com/event/12422965 #genealogy
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This event is free and open to the public.  Registration is required; please register here.  Indiana librarians will receive LEUs for attending.

Parking validation will be available for attendees who park in the Senate Avenue parking garage directly across from the library and bring their ticket in for validation.

Join the Central Indiana DNA Interest Group for a DNA Workshop covering working with DNA matches and using artificial intelligence in genetic genealogy research.  

Session Details

"Unraveling the Mysteries of Your DNA Match List: A Guide to Understanding Your Genetic Connections"
Angela Guntz

Your DNA match list provides keys to unlock your ancestral past and discover newfound relatives. This presentation will delve into understanding your match list and exploring the various tools and techniques that can aid you in deciphering the web of genetic connections. We'll explain the different types of DNA matches, from close family to distant cousins, and how to interpret relationship predictions. You'll learn how to navigate shared DNA segments, determine common ancestors, and piece together your family tree branches. This presentation will equip you with the knowledge and skills to unlock the full potential of your DNA match list, uncovering the rich tapestry of your family history.

"Genetic Genealogy Made Easy: Artificial Intelligence as the Expert Tutor"
Andrea Ackermann, MS, MHA

Empower yourself with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) as your expert genetic genealogy tutor, available 24/7 on demand. With AI at your fingertips, you can ask any question in plain language, eliminating the need for technical jargon. The lecture will showcase sample questions and answers from AI chats, providing practical demonstrations. You'll learn effective communication strategies with AI platforms, exploring topics such as ethnicity estimates, shared matches, identifying unknown ancestors, and deciphering DNA test results. AI serves as your intuitive guide, simplifying complex concepts like genetic inheritance patterns and the search for long-lost relatives. This tutorial emphasizes conversational interaction, enabling participants to effortlessly unlock the mysteries of their genetic heritage. Say goodbye to convoluted queries and embrace straightforward answers – with AI, genetic genealogy becomes an engaging conversation rather than a daunting puzzle.

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