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WHAT: Quarterly SAPR Situational Awareness and Self Defense Seminar

WHEN: April 24th, Denim Day, from 0900-1100

Attendees should arrive 15 minutes early to sign in and fill out a waiver.

WHERE: Camp Atterbury Building 4, Room 167 A/B

WHO: Open to all Indiana National Guard employees, Army and Air, DOD civilians and state employees


In this seminar you will:

  • Practice realistic self-defense skills that will enable you to swiftly exit a physical altercation
  • Sharpen situational awareness and mental acuity
  • Gain a sense of empowerment, confidence and competence
  • Regain control (for Survivors)
  • Channel rage and panic within the safety of the group dynamic


This seminar is the first of four.


Registration and sign up 


 SAPR Homepage on the Indiana National Guard website.

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