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3333 State Road 60 East, Mitchell, IN 47446

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Build a scarecrow, carve a pumpkin, and do all of the fun, traditions of fall! 

October 15

10:30 Build a Scarecrow to be used at Haunted Village

11:30 Carve a pumpkin to be used at Haunted village

12:30 Sawmill Runs (located at the side of the Grist Mill

1:30 get a free coloring book at the Upper Residence

3:00 village closes to set up for the Haunted Village


October 16

8:30 Morning Worship service at the meeting house

10:00 Make a cornhusk scarecrow or ghost Upper Res

11:30 Make a leather craft leather shop

12:30 pick up paper dolls at the Upper residence

1:30 Weave a bracelet at Upper Residence

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