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200 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204



Wednesday, April 10, 2024



Secretary Morales’ Priority Bills Passed, Protecting Election Workers and Increasing Voter Integrity  


INDIANAPOLIS - (April 10, 2024) – Secretary of State Diego Morales is proud to announce the passing of priority election legislation to protect election workers and increase voter integrity.


The Secretary of State’s Office worked with the Clerks’ Association to expand the definition of election worker and provide legal protections for the important and challenging work local election officials, staff, election administrators, and poll workers do.  Senate Enrolled Act 170, which became effective on passage in April, provides election workers peace of mind knowing laws are in place providing legal protections they deserve. 


Senate Enrolled Act 170 makes it a criminal offense (Level 6 felony) to:

  • Threaten an election worker.
  • Obstruct, interfere with, or injure an election worker.


House Enrolled Act 1264:

  • Provides tools for maintaining accurate and up-to-date voter registration lists.
  • Requires proof of citizenship for individuals registering with temporary IDs.
  • Requires documentation of residency for first-time voters.  
  • Eliminates loopholes for political groups private funding of local election administration.


Secretary Morales believed the ease at which non-citizens could register to vote and vote was a serious concern needing to be addressed. House Enrolled Act 1264 addresses that issue. Its passage gives Hoosier county clerks and voter registration boards, tools to confirm citizenship status and addresses on a new voter registration.


“After hearing concerns from election officials across the state, we are finding effective ways to improve the safety and security of our elections without limiting citizen access to elections. As Indiana’s Chief Election Officer, the accuracy of voter registration lists plays an essential role in fair and trusted elections. I want every eligible Hoosier registered and voting in elections.  The key word is eligible,” said Diego Morales, Indiana Secretary of State.


Secretary Morales thanks State Legislators for their hard work and county clerks who took the time to testify during the 2024 Legislative Session.



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