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701 East 17th Street North End Zone Bloomington, IN 47408


This course is designed to build capabilities for multi-agency collaboration pertaining to risk management for sport events. It introduces the seven-step sport security risk management process, including the idea of risk management and setting risk management goals for sport events, identifying assets that need protecting and determining risk, implementing planning and mitigation actions, and implementing after-action review for events as well as incidents. Through activity-based training modules, intact security teams will enhance their ability for planning, risk assessment, training, and exercising practices specific to conducting sport events. The expectation is for participants to return to their respective organization and coordinate the development of a sport event security management system.

Training Dates: 07/17/2023-07/18/2023

Training Location:

Henke Hall of Champions, IU Memorial Stadium

701 East 17th Street
North End Zone
Bloomington, IN  47408

Registration: Please register for this course through the ACADIS Portal.  

Registration Deadline: 07/17/2023

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