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https://www.in.gov/auditor/state-board-of-finance/ #State Board of Finance
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Effective July 1, 2021, the state budget director, state auditor, and state treasurer constitute the State Board of Finance. The board supervises the fiscal affairs of the state and has advisory supervision of all funds coming into the state treasury. The board may transfer money between state funds and appropriations and approve loans made by the state. The board considers and may approve applications of financial institutions to serve as depositories of state funds.

I.C. 4-9.1-1-1 through 9

State Board of Finance Members:

Zachary Jackson, State Budget Director
Joseph Habig, Deputy Director [designee]
Lisa Acobert, Deputy Director [designee]

Tera Klutz, Auditor of State of Indiana
Courtney Schaafsma, Deputy Auditor [designee]
Courtney Everett, Deputy Auditor [designee]

Daniel Elliott, Treasurer of State
Jillean Battle, Chief Deputy Treasurer [designee]
Michael D. Frick, Deputy Treasurer [designee]
Kimberly K. Logan, Deputy Treasurer [designee]

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