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[SUPREME] Indiana Remote Bar Exam Postponed to August

By Courts

Friday, July 24, 2020 12am to 12am

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The Indiana July bar exam, originally scheduled for July 28, will be postponed until August 4. The postponement is taking place due to unforeseen complications following an update to the test software by the vendor, ILG Technologies. The Executive Director of the Indiana Supreme Court’s Office of Admissions and Continuing Education Brad Skolnik explained, “Earlier this week applicants started to experience delays when typing during practice tests. We know this added unnecessary anxiety to the applicants and impacted their ability to study in this critical week.” To allow for the software update and additional study time for the applicants, the test is now rescheduled.

The Court will post updates on the ACE website on July 29 and 31 as the vendor continues working to resolve these unexpected technical issues. Applicants who cannot take the exam on the rescheduled date, or for whom taking the exam on the rescheduled date would constitute a hardship, should contact the Office of Admission and Continuing Education for guidance or a refund of the application fee. Those applicants will be eligible to sit for the next exam.

On May 7, the Indiana Supreme Court announced it would hold a remote bar exam with adjustments in place due to COVID-19. The bar exam is just one of many operational changes the Supreme Court has implemented due to the pandemic. The Court created a path for graduate legal interns and held the May attorney swearing-in ceremony for new lawyers remotely.

The bar exam is administered twice a year through the Supreme Court’s Office of Admissions and Continuing Education, which certifies that admittees have fulfilled the requirements for admission to the bar.

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