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[SUPREME] Information about appellate judges on November ballot (08/17/2020)

By Courts

Monday, August 17, 2020 12am to 12am

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One Supreme Court justice and six Court of Appeals judges are on the ballot for retention this Election Day. In November, voters will decide “yes” or “no” on whether to retain each of the following appellate-level judges:

Justice Christopher M. Goff Judge L. Mark Bailey Judge Melissa S. May Judge Margret G. Robb Judge Cale J. Bradford Judge Elaine B. Brown Judge Elizabeth F. TavitasA website has been designed by the Supreme Court’s Office of Judicial Administration as a way for voters to make informed decisions about the judges on the ballot. The website, found at courts.in.gov/retention, includes biographical information, video of oral arguments, and a link to each judge’s written opinions.

Later this year, the Indiana State Bar Association will release yes/no results for each of the judges from a survey of its members. These results will be available on the retention website.

Indiana has used a merit selection process to choose and retain its appellate judges for the past 48 years. Once appointed, a judge must stand for retention at the first statewide general election after the judge has served for two full years. If retained, the judge is on the retention ballot every 10 years. The retention system is designed to allow appellate judges to decide cases fairly and impartially, free from campaign finance considerations, and without influence by partisan politics.

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