Testing 123 Link


Testing 123 Link


This free virtual workshop focuses on using various DNA tools to understand how you are connected to your DNA matches.  Speakers from the Central Indiana DNA Interest Group will cover topics on understanding genetic genealogy, reviewing DNA results; comparing shared matches; building family trees based upon DNA matches; and using various DNA tools to analyze matches.  Using the Zoom Chat feature, attendees will be able to submit questions during the sessions and during the panel discussion at the end of the program.        

Beginner to Intermediate levels.  

Session Information:

Session 1: Your DNA Test Results Arrived – What’s My Next Step?
Speaker:  Denise Anderson-Decina

Description:  This session will include an overview of genetic genealogy: autosomal DNA test results, match lists, ethnicity estimates, and tools to help you understand how you are connected to your matches.

Session 2: Shared Matches and Genetic Networks
Speaker:  Andrea Ackermann

Description:  This session will focus on using the shared matches tool to organize your matches, verify ancestral lines, and solve recent unknown parentage and distant ancestral mysteries.  

Session 3:  Ancestry Tools:  Putting it all Together in Your Family Trees
Speaker: Angela Guntz  

Description:  This session will focus on creating well-documented family trees using Ancestry’s DNA groups, ThruLines, and ethnicity tools, along with traditional genealogical documents to verify relationships.  

Event Details

The Zoom link will be provided closer to the date of the event.