Testing 123 Link


Testing 123 Link


Virtual DNA Workshop

Saturday, October 9, 2021 11:00am to 3:30pm

Virtual DNA Workshop
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This free virtual workshop focuses on effectively using DNA to better understand genetic relationships and solve genealogy mysteries.  Speakers from the Central Indiana DNA Interest Group will explore methodology and tools, such as AncestryDNA® groups and, ThruLines™, Lucidchart, and DNAPainter to analyze DNA matches, organize results, and create genetic networks. Using the Zoom Chat feature, attendees will be able to submit questions during the sessions and during the panel discussion at the end of the program.

Session 1:  Visualizing Your DNA Matches with Your Family Tree
Speaker:  Angela Guntz

Description:  This session will include an overview of how to effectively use AncestryDNA® groups and ThruLines™, and Lucidchart (www.lucidchart.com) to explore how your matches are related to you and each other.  Angela will also demonstrate the Lucidchart tool to create lineage charts that can organize your results and help grow your genetic family tree.  

Session 2: Do’s and Don’ts for Using DNA as Proof
Speaker:  Ann Raymont, CG®

Description:  This session will discuss common issues and mistakes to avoid when trying to use DNA to prove a relationship.  Ann will share a case study to show how DNA results can be applied successfully to answer a genealogical question. 

Session 3: Examining DNA Results for Unknown Parentage 
Speaker: Steven Frank  

Description:  This session will examine problem solving skills needed when working with DNA results for unknown parentage.  Steve will discuss the process of identifying genetic networks and using DNA tools, such as DNAPainter.com, to predict how DNA matches are related, along with examples of resolving unknown biological matches. 

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Event Details

The Zoom link will be emailed to attendees prior to the event.