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Join us on June 30 for an Online Workshop on Updates to the County/Local General (GEN) Retention Schedule!

At the end of April, the OCPR approved updates to the County/Local General (GEN) retention schedule. IARA is providing an online workshop to disseminate these updates; it will be held on Friday, June 30th at 10 a.m. eastern on Microsoft Teams. There is no cost for this workshop.

IARA highly recommends ALL county/local offices attend this online workshop. County Commission of Public Records Secretaries, please forward to your county/local offices accordingly.

But what is the County/Local General (GEN) retention schedule?

The County/Local General (GEN) retention schedule contains broad and common record series that can apply to all units of county or local government in Indiana. The GEN schedule was updated in both February and April this year.

What are the updates to the GEN schedule?

There are many updates to the GEN schedule including record series deactivations, amendments, and brand new record series. The major April revisions were to record series # GEN 10-27 PERSONNEL FILES, along with adding the brand new records series # GEN 23-10 ORDINANCES and updating GEN 10-06. We will also discuss the updates from February.

Where can I find the updated GEN schedule?

On IARA's website, right here!

How do I register?

Email this phrase, "Please register me for the GEN online workshop " to [email protected] or contact Amy Christiansen at [email protected].

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